colby the chaos covington

"The Chaos"


15 wins

1 loss

UFC record

10 wins

1 loss


2 TKO / 5 SUB / 8 DEC


Highlights of his career

University wrestling champion

Just a few people know about Covington very successful wrestling career. Even on Thurston high school in Oregon, Colby already showed his skills and athleticism. He was able to win State championship four times in a row. After High school Colby moved his life and wrestling skills to Oregon State University. He won almost every tournament and became a member of All-Amrican which is kind of US national team for outstanding amateur athletes who study at Universities. His biggest achievement was in 2011 when he won NCAA division I. which is the highest-ranked in college wrestling.

Colby Covington vs Brazil

Colby is well known for his trash talking. He is easily spitting trash about almost everybody. His famous trash talk war probably started in October 2017 when Covington fought with high ranked Demien Maia in Brazil. Most people expected that Demian Maia will finally shut Colby’s mouth and beat him. But almost no one expected what happened at the end. Before the fight Colby called Brazilian people dump and with these words he started his personal war against Brazil. 

That made people boo very loudly during the weigh-in and also during his walk to the cage. But this screaming did not affect Colby´s performance. He showed one of his best performances when he demolished Maia in all three rounds and easily won by decision. After that fight Colby did not show any respect as always and called Brazilian people “filthy animals”. Therefore, when he left the cage, no one was surprised that people were throwing bears and popcorn on him. These situations were also repeated with his next fight for interim belt because he fought another Brazilian, Rafael dos Anjos.

Won and lost interim belt

As was already mentioned, Colby Covington got his first title shot for interim belt against very dangerous opponent Rafel dos Anjos. Until this fight, Colby was underestimated by most people even if he destroyed number 3 ranked contender Demian Maia in his last fight. Dos Anjos stepped to this fight like a huge favorite for but the reality was completely different. 

In this fight Colby dominated in all 5 rounds and didn’t let dos Anjos do anything. He showed amazing cardio when he went forward all 25 minutes and smashed dos Anjos round by round. After this fight no one could doubt Colby’s skills. But Colby wasn’t surprised by this result. He started calling himself as one of the best champions in UFC and his confidence rised as hell. 

Another fight for Covington was planed on September 2018 against champion Tyron Woodley. However Covington withdrew from this fight due to a recent nasal injury. Few days later Covington was stripped as interim champion due to undetected circumstances. But Colby still calls himself as one and only welterweight champion.

Interesting facts

Jon Jones roommate and friendship

Very few people know about Colby´s friendship with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. When they studied at the University in Oregon they were even roommates. Colby and Jon Jones were also visiting wrestling team together and they also started their MMA career together. In many interviews Colby called Jon Jones as his very good friend with very good relationship and great memories from their early life.

First UFC fighter in White House

It is well known fact that Colby Covington is a huge supporter of US president Donald Trump. Because of this, Donald Trump invited Colby to White House after his title fight against Dos Anjos. After that first visit he became very good friend with US president and also with his sons. Colby supported Donald Trump and his family in almost every single interview. He is also well known for wearing president´s red cap with words “Make America Great Again”. Because of this good relationship, Donald Trump´s sons started visiting UFC events quite often. We could also see US president sitting next to Colby Covington at UFC 244.