Demian Maia
vs Ben Askren


Demian Maia and Ben Askren are one of the best fighters on the ground in the welterweight division and maybe even in the whole UFC. It will be interesting to watch this fight closely especially when it gets on the ground. Demian Maia with amazing jiu-jitsu background against  Ben Askren with pretty good wrestling background. Or we could also say ADCC world champion versus USA Olympic wrestler (Beijing 2008). Let’s take a closer look at both fighters.

Demian Maia is former welterweight title challenger and top contender. He won his last two fights and it was one side matters. Maia is one of the best submission experts in the whole UFC history. If he takes someone´s back it´s almost over. Chael Sonnen, Rick Story, Matt Brown, Carlos Condit, all of these top fighters were submitted by Maia. His jiu-jitsu is definitely the most dangerous thing that Ben Askren can taste in this fight. But on the other side when Maia fought for the title against Tyron Woodley, who is also a training partner of Ben Askren, he wasn´t able to enforce his gameplan because Woodley had much better wrestling game. And that´s something that can definitely happen in this fight because his opponent is an amazing wrestler.

Ben Askren is also a fighter with very good ground game but his type of fighting is quite different. As we said he has an amazing level of wrestling game and that makes him able to put huge pressure on his opponents. But the last fight was a total disaster for him. As you probably know he was knocked out by Masvidal with the fastest KO in UFC history. And it was also his first loss in a professional career. No one knows what this fact makes with him. But as we said his wrestling skills can be a huge factor in this fight because it can definitely be a way how to destroy Maia´s gameplan. 


If we take look at both fighters we can be sure about one thing. It is almost impossible that we would see some knockout here. Most likely we are going to see more than 2 rounds. If we will see any submission here it will definitely be from Demian Maia. That means that the biggest chance for Ben Askren to win is by decision if he will be able to dominate with his wrestling game.