Niko Price
vs James Vick


Both fighters lost their last fight however for James Wick it was a third loss in a row. This fact makes this fight more exciting at all. James Wick will need a victory in this fight more than ever in his career. UFC career of Niko Price is on the other side ups and downs. He has 5-3 record in UFC but any of these 8 fights he has never gone to decision. After his big knockout win over Tim Means he has lost his last fight against Geoff Neal. Now he is back again hungry and dangerous.

When Niko Price steps into the octagon it means a real storm. Very dangerous striker with though chin, heavy punches, and love to wild exchanges who is always looking for a knockout. 13 wins in his career and only one of them was by decision. When he gets under pressure, hurt or stuck in a bad situation he still never looks for any kind of defense. He always looks for more powerful answer. Niko Price is definitely very dangerous in striking exchanges and that could be one of the biggest problems for James Wick mostly because of his glass jaw. However Price´s biggest weapon is also his biggest weakness. When he tries to land a lot of punches he stays very open and that sometimes what gives his opponents great opportunity for counters. And James Wick could definitely be able to benefit from that. 

James Wick is former UFC top 10 fighter with very good skill set. But it seems that after his fight against Justin Gaethje he has lost more than just this fight. It looks like he has lost some kind of fire inside of him and then another two loses put him into a bad position. In that fight with Justin Gaethje we could see his biggest weakness and that was his already mentioned glass jaw. James Wick gets rocked very easily and it could be a huge problem against type of fighter like Niko Price. On the other side Wick´s long hands and long legs could give him an important advantage in this fight. If he will be able to keep long distance it could be very dangerous for Nike Price, especially Wick´s power kicks. And another solid weapon of Wick´s fight game are his sneaky submissions. He is very dangerous on the ground and he will definitely have an advantage here.


In this fight we definitely expect an early stoppage. We see really small chance that this fight will go to decision and we also see a small chance that there will be some submission. With all respect to James Wick we don´t see any big chances for him to win and since Niko Price is such a dangerous striker he will probably stop James Wick very early by knockout. It can happen even in the first round. And we wouldn´t be afraid to say that we could also see a performance of the night or knockout of the night by Niko Price.