Matt Frevola
vs Luis Pena


Matt Frevola has just 3 fights in UFC. He has one win one loss and one draw. That draw was with Lando Vannata but Frevola almost lost that fight. Luis Pena has just one more fight in UFC but from his 4 fights he has already 3 wins and we definitely see him as a bigger favorite in this fight. 

If we take a look at Matt Frevola we can see that he is very wild in his fights. His biggest strength is definitely his wrestling game but Matt started to wrestle more just in his last fight. We can see him going very often for a single leg but he also risks some submission in those attempts. He pushes really forward in striking and that gets him into a lot of wild exchanges. But Frevola does not have any tough chin and he gets knocked down very easily. On the other side in his fight with Vannata he showed a heart of true warrior and he stood up back on his legs very often. His last opponent was a very similar type of fighter like Luis Pena. He was southpaw and he was very tall but Frevola was still able to beat him. 

Same as Frevola´s last oponnent Luis Pena will have big height advantage over Matt Frevola. He is almost 190 centimeters tall and that makes him one of the highest fighters in UFC lightweight division. And he will definitely exploit that in fight with Frevola. He is also a southpaw and that will be another advantage into this fight. But Pena is also very complex fighter. Dangerous striking and good experience in grappling is how we could describe his fighting style. He moves perfectly on the ground and he was already able to win 4 times by submission. He has also fought very similar type of fighter like Frevola in his last fight and he was able to finish him by TKO.


We definitely expect that Luis Pena will have much bigger chance to win in this fight. Except wrestling he is much better in all other fields. But he is also dangerous on his back and he is able to stand up from the floor when someone takes him down. That means that even if Frevola will land some takedown Pena will still have some serious guns to use. And he will definitely have an advantage in striking. Frevola´s biggest and probably only chance to win is by landing hard punch which will knock Pena out. But if this will go to decision Luis Pena has much bigger chance to win.