Joanna Jedrzejczyk
vs Michelle Waterson


Jedrzejczyk with a lot of striking on distance against Michelle Waterson with amazing kicks and perfect wrestling game. A lot of people and bookies see Joanna as a much bigger favorite but we would definitely be careful with these thoughts. 

Joanna will of course have reach and height advantage in this fight and that´s something that she really needs to be able to dominate. We could see in her last fights that she doesn´t have any big power in her hands and she rather throws a lot of quick punches with keeping a long distance. But the same thing does Michelle Waterson with her legs. We could also see that very useful tactic for beating Jedrzejczyk was going tight with her and putting pressure on her in the clinch. Because of Joanna´s very good takedown defense it was very hard to take her down but that pressure on the fence was enough to beat Jedrzejczyk by decision. Joanna is definitely type of fighter that wants to stay on her legs. There is her biggest chance to win. 

But Michelle Waterson is another very tactic fighter. She is typical by throwing a lot of quick kicks and not letting her opponents come closer. On one side we already said that long distance could be an advantage for Joanna but on the other side Michelle Waterson has very good skills in winning rounds by these kicks. And she has not just perfect takedown defense as Jedrzejczyk has but she also has very good whole wrestling game. She can perfectly use her hips and wait for the right moment to throw her opponent very easily. And although that already mentioned Joanna´s takedown defense Michelle will probably still be able to take Joanna down if it will be needed. If that will happen she will definitely have an advantage on the ground since she is very good grappler. 


That being said we see very big chance that this fight will take more than 1 round. Also we don´t definitely expect any submission from Joanna. If we will see any submission here it will definitely be from Michelle´s side. There is also very small chance that we will see any knockout here. But although a lot of bookies and people see Jedrzejczyk as a favorite we believe that it is not a good idea to bet on her. Both of these girls have serious chance to win by decision. Michelle Waterson definitely has ability to collect points with her striking and if she will need she has some serious chance to take Joanna down or at least into a clinch. On the other side Joanna Jedrzejczyk is very experienced fighter and she has the ability to keep that fight on distance and win rounds by that. This fight will really depend on their ability to enforce their gameplan.