Siyar Bahadurzada
vs Ismail Naurdiev


This fight is presented as a prelim but it would definitely deserve to be on the main card. Ismail Naurdiev has just two fights in the UFC yet but he has shown us that the UFC is the right place where he should fight. On the other side of the cage we will see Siyar Bahadurzada who is a very tough fighter and he won´t definitely give Naurdiev anything for free.

Bahadurzada is an experienced fighter and very confident in his striking. He has real knockout power which makes him able to finish fight in every second and he has also very tough chin. That means that it is not easy to knock him down. We can see that on his career because during his 31 fights there was nobody who would be able to finish him by KO or TKO. Curtis Millender was quite close to finishing him but Siyar Bahadurzada shown us that he knows what to do under pressure and he was still able to land heavy shots and also take Millender down. And the ground is also a field where Bahadurzada has some good experience. He has won some of his fights by submission.  

Ismail Naurdiev is a very attractive fighter and he has amazing striking. He is also champion of Austria in wrestling and that´s why we don´t see any big chances for Bahadurzada to take him down. Ismail Naurdiev has finished 11 of his 18 wins by KO or TKO and he could be the first guy who will be able to finish Siyar this way. And if he won´t finish him by KO or TKO he will definitely be more active striker in this fight and he will probably collect more points.



Both of these are very dangerous in striking and both of them are able to finish this fight by KO or TKO. But if this fight will go to decision there is a very small chance that we will see hand of Bahadurzada up because he is not so active as Naurdiev and he will not probably want to keep Naurdiev on the ground. Bahadurzada spends a lot of time by loading those heavy shots so he has a big chance for a knockout but small chance for winning rounds separately. There is also very small chance for submission in this fight. Both of these guys will want to stay on their legs most of the time and if Bahadurzada will be able to take Naurdiev down which we don´t see very probable he will rather try to finish him with heavy punches.