Marc Diakiese
vs Lando Vannata


Both of these guys won their last match. For Diakiese it was 4th win in UFC and after 3 losses it was an important one. For Lando Vannata it was only 2nd win in UFC but he has also two draws and in both cases he was really close to win. 

Diakiese is very unorthodox striker with crazy spinning kicks and solid leg kicks. He also fights very often on distance and that makes him able to land good and long punches. He has solid takedown defense which could be very useful against type of fighter like Vannata. Main disadvantage of Diakiese is that he is not so good in his fights when he gets under bigger pressure. In moments when he stands near to the fence and his opponent holds center of octagon he becomes an easy target for opponent´s punches. And this could be a big problem against Lando Vannata. 

Vannata is different type of guy. He makes very good and strong pressure in the octagon. He literally hunts his opponents with wild overhand punches, brutal body shots and heavy leg kicks. He also has very good wrestling and more than good ground and pound. It is not anything nice for his opponents when he gets into top position. Solid ground and pound with solid jiu jitsu makes him really dangerous in this fight. On the other hand he doesn´t fight very well against taller fighters who know how to hold distance. Straight jabs and good movement are things that make problems to his style of fighting. We expect very interesting fight with good standup exchanges and maybe also with interesting wrestling scramble.


We expect very close fight between these two fighters. If Vannata will get fight on the ground there is almost no chance that Diakiese will win by submission. Vannata´s takedowns could be a huge advantage for him and it is probably way how he can beat Diakiese. But Vannata can also land one of his heavy punches and finish Diakiese even in striking. On the other side if Diakiese will land some of his good kicks or elbows it can be over for Vannata. Although that there is a big potential for early stoppage we expect that this fight will go to distance on scorecards if that happens Vannata will have much bigger chance to get a victory by decision.