Macy Chiasson
vs Lina Lansberg


Both of these girls are very dangerous especially in one moment. When they get into top position on the ground. They are not any good grapplers but with their aggressivity they hit really hard. Their last opponents weren´t on any high level and we could see that for Macy it was quite easy to finish a fight on the ground. It took her only few hard punches. And even for Lina there were moments when she was really close to finishing fight from the mount. But Lina seems that she will have a problem in striking. Let´s see why and what else we expect.

Macy will have 3 inches reach advantage which is not that much but in this fight it can means a lot. Macy Chiasson has shown us in her fight with Gina Mazany that she has quite strong punches and she can be dangerous in striking especially if she adds her aggressivity. Lina doesn´t have any good skills in striking so Macy will probably have big advantage here. If we take a look at Macy´s wrestling we won´t find any good defense here. When she fought with grapplers it wasn´t that hard to take her down. But on the other side Lina also doesn´t have ane good wrestling skills. One specific thing where Macy can be dangerous is her back if she uses her legs. They are really long and they make her able to perfectly block her opponents. And if she gets top position other girls should rather cover their head because she becomes really hungry and it´s not anything nice to lay under her.

On the other side of the cage we will have Lina Lansberg. As we already said she is not any good striker. We need to consider that she didn´t get a lot of opportunities in her last fights for striking but even in those few minutes it was obvious that striking is not her field. She is not quick enough and she is not even accurate with her punches that much. But she is not even any good wrestler. We could see that Tonya Evinger who is an average fighter was able to keep Lina on the fence all round. Lina´s biggest guns are sweeps on the ground and her dominance from top position. It´s the same as Macy. Lina can get really aggressive here and make her opponents real troubles.


We expect that Macy will dominate in striking and if Lina will want to win she will need to take Macy down. But since she is not any good grappler it won´t be so easy and even if she will take Macy down she is not so experience to keep her on her back and she will need to work really hard. We definitely don´t expect any submission here because if any of these girls get into top position they will start with hard punches, elbows and hammerfists. There is also quite a small chance that Lina will win before the time limit.