Jack Hermansson
vs Jared Cannonier


If you have been watching these guys at least little bit you need to know that this will be very interesting war between their fighting styles. Jack Hermansson is one of the most dangerous guys on the ground and Jared Cannonier has on the other side so powerful punches that he doesn´t need much to finish a fight. Both of them have already fought with experienced guys and they were also able to win. 

If we take a look at Jack Hermansson we can see huge dominance in his fights. He is really long and he knows how to take advantage of that in striking. He throws a lot of quick front jabs and kicks. But when he gets under even small pressure he has a problem. It was pretty clear in his fight with Jacare Souza. But Jack has big advantage that if he can´t dominate in striking he uses his amazing wrestling and grappling game and that´s something what you really don´t want to taste. He benefits from his long legs and hands even there and he totally tortures his opponents on their back. And if ground and pound is not enough Jack can definitely finish the fight by submission. 

On the other side of cage we will see Jared Cannonier. During his last fights we could see that he improved his striking game mostly by being more calm which ables him to be also more accurate. So he waits a lot but when he lands some punches it really hurts. There will be very big difference between damage by Hermansson´s punches and damage by Cannonier´s punches. And Jared is definitely that type of fighter that can put Jack under pressure as we mentioned above. If we take a look at Cannonier´s wrestling and grappling game we can see that his power helps him much more than his technique. But that will be dangerous for him because Hermansson is grappler on totally different level and just power won´t be enough to keep with him.


We can expect that Hermansson will take his time for takedown and he will probably try to dominate in striking at first. But if Cannonier will be able to touch him at least little bit he will probably rather take this fight on the ground and that will be definitely his way how to win because it will be really hard for Cannonier to stand up.

The biggest chance for Cannonier to win is by KO or TKO. If this fight will go to decision there is really small chance that Cannonier will win. And there is even smaller chance for him to win by submission. Hermansson has a chance to win by submission, decision and even by TKO. But he has to be careful because if he gives Cannonier space for striking it can be end of the fight. And it can happen even in the first round.