Ion Cutelaba
vs Khalil Rountree


Ion Cutelaba will face Khalil Rountree who has most of his fights in UFC and we can surely say that he is experienced very well even though he doesn´t have so many fights. He has won his last fight by decision and he will definitely want to earn another win in this fight. 

Cutelaba is very aggressive in striking and he definitely doesn´t waste any time. He rather goes straight to the action. Hungry hunting of his opponents and very attractive style are the characteristics that we could definitely use to describe his style in the octagon. He is also very strong and when it is needed he is able to take his opponent down. On the other side Cutelaba doesn´t have any good control on the ground and that´s the reason why Khalil Rountree will be probably able to stand up if he gets on his back. Ion really pushes forward and he gives 100 % of power into every strike that he throws. His style is also very uncomfortable for his opponents and that´s something that could be huge problem for Khalil Rountree.

Khalil Rountree has already 8 fights in the UFC and another 2 fights in The Ultimate Fighter. He is a southpaw and that could be an advantage for him because it is something that Cutelaba isn´t used to that much. He is more technical type of fighter who waits for mistake of his opponent. He has amazing striking, very strong punches and he is able to keep long distance. When he needs he also knows how to take his opponent down. Rountree is especially good in timing of his counters. He finished for example Gokhan Saki by his left hand which is very powerful and dangerous for all his opponents. It is very hard for other fighters to keep Khalil on the ground because he knows very well how to stand up back on his feet. But Khalil has very weak grappling game. We can see that on some fights which he lost because of submission that he wasn´t able to escape from and control. 



It is very hard to pick the exact winner of this fight. There is very big chance that we will see early stoppage in this fight and both of these guys are able to knock each other out. So be careful with betting on winner. It is very improbable that we will see some submission here. If this fight will end by decision it will be probably for Rountree because Cutelaba is tired very often even in the second round and becomes less dangerous than in the beginning. That´s something that Khalil could definitely use for a win.