Carla Esparza
vs Alexa Grasso


In her last at least 3 fights Carla Esparza has always fought with grappling type of fighter and now she will finally fight 100% striker. Alexa Grasso is definitely that type of girl that enjoys fighting on her legs. Carla can also make at least a few points in striking but her biggest gun to this fight will definitely be her wrestling. Let´s take a closer look at both of them. 

As we said Carla´s biggest chance to dominate in this fight is her wrestling. In her last fights we could see that she was able to take down even very good grapplers. She knows how to time her takedown very well and when she goes for opponent´s legs she is very dynamic. A combination of these two factors gives her very good chance to succeed with her takedown attempts. But on the other side she doesn´t have that good grappling background as she would need to dominate even on the ground. She has nice escapes and sweeps but that´s probably the best from her grappling game. When she goes with more experienced grappler she has a real problem. If you consider how active and defensive is Alexa on her back it will be really hard for Carla to keep this fight on the ground. And when we take a look at Carla´s striking there isn´t much to applaud. She can land some nice shots but not so often. We can say that she is average in striking. She doesn´t have any big strength for knockout and she just sometimes lands nice punch or kick. 

But that won´t be enough for Alexa Grasso. Her striking is on a totally different level. She is really active, she moves very well and she also works perfectly with distance. When you consider all that with her small height and reach advantage you can see that there is a big chance for her to control fight in striking. She has perfect long and quick hands that can land perfectly accurate punches. Alexa has also very good defense in clinches and if she gets on the ground she moves very well and she definitely doesn´t let her opponents stabilize the position. All that gives her good chance for dominating this fight.


We expect that Carla will definitely want to go for a takedown and it is question if she will be able to get it and keep Alexa on the ground. It will be at least really hard and there is a big chance that Alexa will stand up back on her feet. Neither of these girls has big knockout power and we expect that we will see more than 1 round. There is even a big chance that this fight will go to decision. It is obvious that there is almost no chance that Alexa would win by submission. The key factor in this bout will be if Carla will be able to take fight to the ground and keep it here or not. If not Alexa will probably win by decision. But in this case it is hard to predict if she will take her down since Alexa has good defense and Carla has good takedowns. So be careful with betting on winner of this fight.