Uriah Hall
vs Antonio Carlos Junior


Both of these guys still haven´t faced some really experienced fighter so they can still surprise us. But although that we can clearly see what will be going on in this fight. We have here 100% striker against 100% grappler and the question is just who will be better in enforcing their gameplan. 

Uriah Hall will definitely want to stay on legs because that´s where he has the biggest chance to win. He is a really strong guy and he definitely has some real knockout power. We could see it in his last fight with Bevon Lewis. One clean and heavy shot was all that he needed to finish the fight. But he also has one serious problem. He is totally inactive. He waits so much and he doesn´t throw combinations with more than one punch very often. He throws just his front jab and sometimes nice kick but that´s all. He doesn´t control fight most of the time and that makes it really hard to win by decision for him. Uriah also doesn´t work that much in clinches. We haven´t seen him grappling but that´s something that he will definitely not want to do with Antonio. 

Antonio Carlos Junior is totally opposite type of fighter. He has great grappling and wrestling background and it is really hard to defend his style when he gets close to his opponent. He is really good at taking his opponent´s back and when he gets there he becomes really dangerous. We can also see that Antonio has excellent technique in wrestling. He knows lot of moves that help him get other fighters where he exactly wants. But he has something to say even in striking. For example in a fight with Tim Boetsch he was throwing some nice clean shots that really hurt. Antonio is definitely more active fighter and that means bigger chance for him to win if this fight will go to the decision.



A lot will depend if Uriah will be able to dominate in striking and keep fight on legs. But we see quite a small chance for that. Since he is really unactive we don´t expect any good performance in striking and there will be probably lot of space for Antonio. And if we consider Antonio´s wrestling skills he will definitely be able to take Uriah down. That means that we see a really small chance for Uriah winning by decision. If he will win it will be probably by KO or TKO and that´s much harder to predict if he will get it or not. Since Uriah waits a lot there is also some good chance that we will see more than one round. But be careful with betting on that. We know that one clean shot could mean the end of the fight here. Biggest chance for Antonio to win is by submission or by decision.