Kumuru Usman vs Colby Covington prediction

Kamaru Usman
vs Colby Covington

UFC 245

Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington is a very interesting fight where both guys have sensational wrestling skills, phenomenal cardio and very nasty pressure at all. We can definitely say that both of these guys are on the top level. They are destroying everyone in welterweight division fight by fight while running for a title shot and they will finally face each other. Let’s take a closer look at both of them. 

Kamaru Usman is one of the most dangerous men in the welterweight division and maybe in the whole UFC. With his never endless pressure and cardio he malls his opponents minute after minute. From the moment when the fight begins he never goes back. Always going forward with heavy punches and always want to push his opponents against the cage where he can use his wrestling. And if he makes it you have some serious problem. Wrestling is definitely his biggest weapon and with his power it is a true danger. And it´s the same thing even on the ground. Usman intelligently uses his weight to press opponents and uses his power to very good ground and pound. Because of his amazing cardio he is able to do this from the first to the last second. For his opponents it is very difficult to deal with him. Look at former champion Tyron Woodly. Tyron is one of the best wrestlers in UFC and one of the most powerful welterweights. But Usman completely destroyed his power, destroyed his wrestling and with 5 round pressure and domination he totally destroyed his game plan and won a title. No one in the UFC have been able to find an answer for Usman but Colby Covington will definitely be one of the most difficult opponents of Usman´s career. 

For many fighters Colby Covington was very underestimated fighter because of his trash talk. He talks shit on everyone in UFC and everyone of them also lost with him. When we disregard all of these trash talk moments we just know that Colby is also one of the best wrestlers in UFC like Usman. And Colby has also the same never endless cardio and wrestling skills for winning fights minute after minute. He is also very dangerous when the fight moves into clinch. When he gets opponents into clinch or against the cage he lands very good body shots and that makes him a space for his wrestling game. But unlike Kamaru Usman, Colby is far better boxer. Stand up game of Covington is very underestimated but in fact he is very good in striking. Great movement on his feet and great usage of jabs makes Colby Covington more than equal challenger. 


This fight will be definitely very close. Great wrestling skills and sensational cardio on both sides. We expect a lot of wrestling and fighting on the fence. Boxing of Colby Covington could be the biggest difference in this fight and if Colby Covington will be able to use his boxing skills in a clever way we could see his hand up. There is a very small chance for any submission or knockout so we don’t expect an early stoppage here.