Marlon Moraes vs Jose Aldo prediction

Marlon Moraes
vs Jose Aldo

UFC 245

Aldo and Moraes are well known because of their striking skills. Both of them can fight very intelligently and they are very good in setting up traps and looking for holes in opponents fight game. They are also able to finish fights before the limit. This fight brings lots of striking and it will definitely be fun to watch.

Jose Aldo is the legend. One of the greatest fighters who ever stepped into the octagon and long time WEC and UFC champion. Because of his brutal leg kicks, vicious punches and smart vision Aldo was unbeaten for 10 years. When the fight begins Aldo starts working from the first second of the fight. He can intelligently set up traps and create good angles for his counter punches. Jose Aldo is also able to stun his opponents by his leg kicks. When he lands some sort of significant strikes he starts landing even more and more heavy punches and from this moment he is going for the finish. He is very skilled with long time experience from even five round fights and all of these facts make Aldo really dangerous fighter.

Marlon Moraes is one of the scariest bantamweights in the fight game. His sensational head kicks and punches make him able to finish almost anyone. He is going forward from the first minute of the fight. Same as Aldo, Marlon is also a type of fighter who can perfectly set up spaces for his counter punches. And if he lands one of his significant strikes he also goes for a finish in a very hungry way. But what is critical is his cardio. We could see that Marlon had a problem with cardo in the last rounds and this could be a weak point of his game.


This fight will definitely be very close. Both of them use the same game plan and both of them have great striking skills. The critical skill of this fight will be a creation of spaces for a counter punches and waiting for the right moment. The one who will be more patient will probably get a win. And we expect that it will be Aldo. Although that they are both very good strikers we expect more than one round in this fight.