Amanda Nunes vs Germaine de Randamie prediction

Amanda Nunes
vs Germaine de Randamie

UFC 245

Amanda is coming back after an incredible win against Holly Holm, when she defended her bantamweight title for the fourth time. Many believed that Holm could be the one to get another huge upset in a title fight, but ironically Holm got KO’ed the same way, she KO’ed Rousey back in 2015. Amanda never looked better and she would definitely like to continue her streak of wins and keep proving, that she is the best women’s MMA fighter there ever was. De Randemie fought back in July 2019 against Aspen Ladd, where the fight was called off after 16 seconds. De Randamie will have her second title fight in the last 3 years having won the first in 2017 in the featherweight division but later dropped for inactivity and unwillingness to fight Cris Cyborg.

Amanda Nunes is the best women’s fighter on this planet and her professional MMA record only backs up this statement. She can do it all. Box, kick, wrestle, grappling. You name it, she can do it. Most of the time, she likes to stand and strike with her opponent. Her boxing is especially dangerous and she can box going backwards or forwards. She can very well adapt her fighting style to whatever the certain situation requires. When Nunes goes to the ground, she likes to ground and pound more than submitting her opponent, but being a BJJ black belt, she most definitely has some tricks up her sleeve, when opportunity for submissions arises. Being a complete fighter, she does not have too many weaknesses. Her toughest fights were against Valentina Shevchenko where Shevchenko matched Nunes’s skill set with precise counter striking.

Germaine de Randemie is a pure striker. In her UFC career, she never went for a takedown and in her professional career she never submitted anyone. As a product of Dutch kickboxing, her striking is probably one of the best in the women’s MMA. Her long lanky body structure allows her to strike from the distance and not getting hit. As a former undefeated kickboxing champion with a record of 46-0 with 30 KO’s, she can end a fight with one strike, one kick or knee. Not being a volume striker, she likes to pick her shots until an opening for some big shots appears. What could be concerning is that, she has not fought many top fighters other than Holm and Pennington. Also her ground game is pretty weak.


This fight has a favorite in Nunes and for some good reasons. She is more complete fighter than de Randemie. She has had many tough fights against Cyborg, Holm, Shevchenko twice and more. She was more active as well than de Randemie. However, anyone can KO or submit anyone in any given time. De Randemie has power in her hands and kicks, especially knees and it would not be surprising, if she caught Nunes with some bombs. Since de Randemie will have a slight reach advantage, we could expect to be her the one who will try to counter punch as she could be baiting Nunes with some fake jabs and then catch her with a right hand or knee. 

If this goes to the ground, Nunes is an absolute favorite to win by submission. BJJ black belt against someone, who never even attempted a takedown? Nunes however has not won by submission in a long time, and she likes to KO people more than submit them. A winner by KO is tougher to predict as both fighters have some serious power in their strikes. If this goes to the decision, Nunes is probably a favorite to win, as it is expected from her to take the fight to the ground and dominate there.