Kevin Lee
vs Gregor Gillespie

UFC 244

If we look closely at both fighters we should see top lightweight fighter Kevin Lee with awesome wrestling skills and more then good jiu-jitsu skill set. On the other side Gregor Gillespie with aggressive striking and also good wrestling skills, huge knockout power and very dangerous ground and pound. Both of them are really dangerous when the fight goes on the ground and this fact will play a huge factor in this match. Who can use their ground game skills more intelligent? That´s the point of this fight. 

Kevin Lee is top 10 lightweight fighter with good wrestling skills and even better submission game. And that could be a pretty good answer for aggressive takedowns of Gregor Gillespie. For “Motown Phenom” this fight will be about finding holes in Gillespie´s wrestling. But if Kevin Lee will be able to find these it is very probable that it will be end for Gillespie. Another huge factor in Kevin Lee´s game is cardio. Cardio of Kevin Lee is on top level. We´ve already seen Kevin Lee in a lot of fights with at least 3 rounds and he has never shown a sign of fatigue in any of these fights. 

Gregor Gillespie is man on the mission. 13-0 and hungry for another victory. But Kevin Lee is definitely one of the hardest opponents of his career. Gregor has never faced any top-level opponent like Kevin Lee. This fact could be crucial for him. Gillespie’s game planes are based on nasty pressure especially in the first round. He can dominate by good wrestling skills and he can also land big shots when fights go on the ground. But this game plan could easily go wrong against top-level jiu-jitsu practitioner which Kevin Lee definitely is. Weak part of Gillespie´s game could be his cardio. His pressure in the first round takes a lot of oxygen. Minutes after minutes, especially in the second half of the fights he starts to be tired and it is a bad thing against fighter like Kevin Lee.


If we take a closer look to what we know we are expecting more than one round fight. If Gregor Gillespie won´t be able to finish this fight in the first round it will be hard for him to get a win. If we will see a submission in this fight it will be probably from Kevin Lee. And also if this fight will go to decision it will be probably Kevin Lee who will rise like a winner.