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Robert Whittaker
vs Israel Adesanya

UFC 243

Two very dangerous guys especially on their legs. Both of them have two main abilities. They can control fight most of the time and they can also knock people down and we are not talking here about luck. That means that we need to be very careful with predictions but let´s take a deeper look at both of them.

Robert Whittaker will have a big height and reach disadvantage which he hasn´t faced yet. In last 2 years he also fought with totally opposite types of fighters than Israel is. They were strong  and they were waiting for that big punch or for takedown. But Robert showed us really nice movement and pretty clean punches and high kicks. And those clean strikes made some serious troubles to his opponents. Robert Whittaker is 100 % striker with perfect takedown defense.

But on the other side of the octagon he will face another 100 % striker. Israel Adesanya can definitely work with his reach advantage but we can still see some spaces here. In his last fight with Kelvin Gastelum there were a lot of moments when smaller Kevin got really close to Israel and put him into danger. That will be main task for Robert. But although Kelvin got really close Israel was still controlling fight most of the time. He has pretty quick and very well targeted punches and since he is so tall his kicks can be truly annoying for his opponents. Same as Robert Israel has also very good takedown defense. 


At first we need to say that it is really hard to predict this fight and you should be careful with betting on these guys. We recommend to not add this fight on your ticket. Both of these guys have really dangerous striking and lot of things will depend if Robert will be able to close that distance but we know that it is possible. We can say that there is really small chance for submission. Israel is also very careful at the beginning of fights so there is probability that he will control long distance in first round and we will see at least 2 rounds.