Luke Jumeau
vs Dhiego Lima

UFC 243

More experienced Dhiego Lima is a man on the mission after his last two fights. Brutal one punch knockout against Chad Laprise and split decision after 15 minutes war against Court McGee makes him very hungry and dangerous man in this upcoming fight. His opponent Luke Jumeau earned unanimous decision in his last fight against Daichi Abe on UFC 221. 

Luke Jumeau is complex fighter who loves wild boxing exchanges where he is of course always looking for a finish. Very good takedown defense and powerful clinch game should be one of the biggest weapons against much taller Dhiego Lima. Although that, the height of Dhiego Lima and his super long hands will be probably still a big problem for Luke Jumeau. Taller fighters in Jumeau ́s last fights put him into bad situations when he absorbed many shots especially jabs and hooks. 

Long hands and great use of reach advantage against his opponents. That will be one of the biggest advantages of Dhiego Lima in this fight. Brazilian welterweight was taller in almost every fight of his career. Big reach advantage makes him very dangerous for his opponents. He is able to move perfectly on his feet, land clean shots mainly with left hand and also land solid leg kicks. That gives him much more advantages into this fight. He for example made an impression with brutal right hook knockout against Laprise in December 2018. Those very dangerous hooks will be definitely a huge problem for Luke Jumeau. Dhiego is also more experienced. He has already fought with better fighters and he has more fights on higher level in the UFC. All these factors make Dhiego Lima much bigger favorite in this fight. 


We expect that Dhiego will dominate most of the time. He is more experienced fighter with very good boxing skills. He is also much taller with huge reach advantage. Because of those facts there is a minimal chance for submission and this fight should be quite easy for Dhiego Lima. It is very probable that we will see early stoppage here. If Dhiego will use all of his advantages in this fight we don’t see any options here for Jumeau to win. We rather see that Luke Jumeau will be finished before the time limit.