Jake Matthews
vs Rostem Akman

UFC 243

When you look at records of these guys you would probably say that we will see Jake Matthews as a wrestler or grappler versus Rostem Akman as a striker. But there is very big chance that we will have more striker vs striker fight here. And we also see at least slight advantage for Jake. When we consider their last fights we can see that Jake has faced much-experienced guys. Rostem had just 1 fight in UFC and he lost by decision. 

Jake Matthews has definitely very good background in grappling. He is a black belt and we could already see him going quite hungry for submission when there was an opportunity. He has also some good skills in a wrestling game. He won´t probably have any big problem with taking Rostem to ground in this fight. But the most important thing is that he is starting to enjoy fighting on legs. He has very strong hands and that makes him really dangerous in striking. He is definitely stronger guy than Rostem. Where we see some spaces is how accurate he is. He throws a lot of overhooks and he misses very often. He is also not so active as some more experienced striker could be. But although all this he can still hit clean shots and if you add his strength it makes him very dangerous striker that can finish fight by 1 punch. 

Rostem Akman doesn´t have so good grappling and wrestling background and he definitely wants to fight on legs. He could look like good striker when you look at his career but in his debut in UFC which was his last fight we could see something different. He was patient more than he could afford. He was controlling center of the octagon very well but that´s not enough. He is definitely doing a great job by working with distance and not letting his opponents touch him. But he doesn´t collect many points by some important strikes. When he throws punches he succeeds very often but it takes him some serious time to throw it. In wrestling we don´t see anything special here. His wrestling is just average and Jake will definitely have big advantage here. 



At first there is obviously very small chance that we will see some submission from Rostem´s side. There is also small chance that Rostem will win by decision. Jake has definitely more guns to this fight since he can put Rostem into trouble with punches and he can also dominate on the ground. Biggest chance for Rostem to win is by KO or TKO and if that comes it won´t be probably in the first round. If we will see first-round finish it will be probably from Jake Matthews but we still see a small chance for that since Jake is more waiting type of striker.