Holly Holm
vs Raquel Pennington

UFC 243

Girls that went through striking school in their last fights. When we look at their last opponents most of them were 100% strikers. And even more Holly and Raquel have also fought with the same opponent. Amanda Nunes was probably the biggest challenge for these girls. And neither of them has passed through that challenge. We could also say that both of these girls are strikers mostly but we wouldn´t say that they are ones of the best. 

When we analyze Holly little bit deeper we can see that her dominance is truly on her legs. One thing where she can have big advantage over her opponents is definitely clinching. When she gets in trouble it´s her very common solution to go to clinch. And for example in a fight with Cris Cyborg we could see that it worked very well. Holly can also have nice performance in striking. She can hit very well with longer combinations and she is also quite quick. But the thing that she definitely doesn´t have is any huge knockout power. She lands clean shots but they are not so dangerous. That doesn´t mean that she can´t knock someone out during 25 minutes but it is not very common. She can also wrestle quite well. We can´t say that we have true wrestling dominator but she is definitely able to get some good takedowns. And when she gets on the ground she goes for submission really rarely.

Her opponent Raquel Pennington is quite a similar type of fighter. She has also quick hands but still not so strong to knock someone out immediately. One specific thing for Raquel is that she wait a lot. Especially at the beginning of fights. She is very careful and not so aggressive like other girls in the UFC are. She has the same height and reach like Holly so they will be very equal. And if we move to wrestling we really don´t have to worry here. Raquel is definitely not a type of fighter that likes to go for takedown. She rather enjoys her calm on legs. That´s probably something where Holly can have big advantage. If she will get takedown we will definitely see Raquel trying to stand up back to striking. 


Those analyzes give us some good clues about what we can expect in this fight. At first there really small chance that we would see some submission here. If Holly will get takedown she won´t really go for any chokes or etc. At second there is a quite big chance that both of these girls will be careful at the beginning and we will see more than one round. We wouldn´t be surprised if the fight would go to decision. We can expect that Holly will be pushing little bit more but she will definitely not get it for free. We see that Holly has more guns to this fight but we still expect quite equable fight.