Hi there,

We are a group of current and former fighters who have spent many years in cage, ring and on the mat. We see a lot of people around who predict or even bet on fights with a minimum knowledge of certain fighters and that´s something that we want to change. 

Our experience in various martial arts and many hours spended by watching fights give us good knowledge for predicting how a fights will probably look. At least we believe in that. 

But still the main person who decides if our opinions are valuable is you. Because you are the one who we do it for. 

Why we don´t analyze all fights on the event?

As we mentioned above a lot of people makes their big opinions based on minimum of information. That´s totally opposite approach than we apply. We don´t want to be known as a someone who tries a luck with every fight on every event and predicts correctly just few of them. We rather want to be known as a place or service, which if it tells you something, you can rely on that. 

And if we don´t have enough information for prediction we rather don´t tell you anything. Otherwise it wouldn´t be a prediction but just a random guess. So you can be sure that if we put out some analysis we have spent some serious time on that and we really believe that. 

Our opinion on analysis and predictions

You probably know a lot of pages or people who tries to pick winner of every fight on the card. And they do it every weekend. But in our eyes that´s something that doesn´t make sense. We are not talking here about football where it takes some serous time to shoot a goal. Combat sports are something where one punch can change everything and where the fight can end in every second. And it happens quite often. 

So we rather focus on predictions that take some time but they show us more probable situations that we and you can trully rely on. And of course even our predictions sometims contain pick for a winner. But it is only in moment when we trully believe that because of our analysis and we don´t just guess and pray. We also say in our analysis that someone has bigger chance to win. But if we say that fighter has just bigger chance it still means that we all need to count with some lucky punch and be careful with betting on winner. 

And if you like to bet on combat sports be sure that betting on winners is not the only and maybe even the best way how to win some money.